PayLease is a leading payment services provider for the property management industry, and our relationship will allow us to provide you with an additional way to pay your rent. Electronic debiting from a checking/savings will remain a free option, but you will also be able to pay with a credit card for a percentage fee that is charged by the provider.


1 Click the "Pay Your Rent Now" button below

2 Follow the instructions to set up a new account (if the page shows only the 'Continue to Pay Portal' button, please refresh your browser)

3 Once registered, you can process a one-time payment and/or set up auto pay.





PayLease, Inc charges a convenience fee for handling your rent payment per the following schedule:

ACH check transactions: FREE

Credit card transactions: subject to a fee charged by the provider (fee subject to change, at the discretion of PayLease, Inc.)


PARENTS: Please use your son or daughter's name and campus address when setting up the account. DO NOT ENTER YOUR NAME UNLESS IT IS FOR THE BANKING INFORMATION

ACCOUNT SET-UP: When initially setting up your account, you can search by address or ownership name. Please make sure you have the correct address, ownership and that JSM Properties, LLC is listed.


  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    110 N. Brooks
    118 N. Brooks
    111 N. Mills
    1002 Spring Street
    1 Gerry Court
    2 Gerry Court
    9 Gerry Ct
    10 Gerry Ct
    Campus Village

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    20-48 N. Orchard
    3-33 N. Randall Ave
    Randall Station

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    1020 Fahrenbrook Court
    39-53 N. Mills Street
    1031-1037 Spring St
    1040 Spring Street
    1019 Spring Street
    South Campus Partners

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    120-128 N. Orchard St.
    1218-1224 Spring St
    1309/1311 W. Dayton
    Dayton Orchard

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    1 N. Randall Ave.
    Regent Square

  • Residents of ...
    536 State St
    536 State Street

  • Residents of ...
    515 State St.
    515 State Street

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    126-128 N. Hancock
    129-140 N. Butler
    141 S. Hancock
    203-211 N. Hamilton
    515-517 S. Brooks St.
    908-912 W. Dayton
    523 Wingra
    Hamilton Butler

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    109-141 E. Gorham
    134 E. Johnson
    315-319 N. Pinckney
    Mansion Hill

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    210 Lakelawn
    210 Lakelawn

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    408-414 W. Johnson
    135-139 N. Randall Ave
    1329-1333 W. Dayton
    JC Properties

  • Residents/Parkers of ...
    304 N. Broom St
    1802-1802 Kendall Ave
    306-308 N. Prospect
    110 S. Hancock
    407 State St
    JDM Properties


If you should have any questions regarding your balance or your account please contact the JSM Properties, LLC office. If you should have any questions regarding PayLease, please contact PayLease Support. Thank you for using PayLease! Questions? Please contact a PayLease Representative at (866) 729-5327 or go to